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Alkalinity Increaser 8 lb.

Alkalinity Increaser 8 lb.
Price: $27.50
Item Number: LTAP8

Total Alkalinity is the quantitative measurement of alkaline components present in water to act as a buffer against rapid pH changes. The pool/spa will have corrosive water if the alkalinity levels are too low, the water will be scale forming if the alkalinity levels are too high. Pools using calcium hypochlorite should maintain the alkalinity level just under 100 PPM (70-90)for best results. Pools using sodium hypochlorite or bromine should maintain the alkalinity at about 100 PPM. Pools on tri-chlor or gas should maintain the alkalinity about 100-125 PPM. It may take several days to lower the alkalinity level in some pools or spas. Alkalinity can be raised using Alkalinity Increaser, lowered using Total Alk Minus or muriatic acid.

Raising Alkalinity with Sodium Bicarb

PPM Change 5,000 Gallons Increase 10,000 Gallons Increase 25,000 Gallons Increase
10 PPM 12 ounces 1.5 pounds 3.75 pounds
20 PPM 1.5 pounds 3 pounds 7.5 pounds
30 PPM 2.25 pounds 4.5 pounds 11.25 pounds
40 PPM 3 pounds 6 pounds 15 pounds

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