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Aquatrek Ramp AQ9000

aquatrek, pool ramp, aquatrek ramp
Price: $5,925.00
Item Number: aq9000

Aquatrek Ramp AQ9000


  • Available in two configurations - standard and long
  • Standard ramp designed for pools 48" and under from pool floor to deck surface
  • Long Ramp designed for pools over 48" from pool floor to deck surface
  • Elevation kits for decreasing the slope of ramp are available upon request
  • Handrails provide excellent stability
  • Noncorrosive metal skeleton encased in rigid PVC skin

Designed as a practical solution for aquatic access, the AquaTrek Ramp lets people of all ages and abilities enter and exit the swimming pool with ease. The AquaTrek Ramp is available in two sizes, a standard or a long. The long ramp system is used for pool facilities that have depths of 48-inches or greater from pool floor to deck surface. The longer length allows the slope of the ramp to be decreased to accommodate the extra depth.

All fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel and the deck anchors are made of cast bronze. Treads are 30-inches wide and the metal reinforced skeleton gives the unit the needed strength and stability for use in a commercial pool environment.

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