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Clear Cloudy Pools by Technical Pool Solutions

Price: From $43.99 to $151.00
Manufacturer: Technical Pool Solutions

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Do you have a cloudy pool? If yes, this is the perfect product for you.

This product is designed to clear a cloudy swimming pool water in both commercial pools and residential pools.

 This product, being a non-chlorine based chemical, doesn't require pool closure unless the pool is cloudy to the point at which it should not be used.  The typical rule of thumb is to close any pool where you cant see the bottom of the pool. However, dont add this or any chemical to the pool with while in use.

 Swimmers can enter the pool shortly after adding this product. Clear Cloudy Pools is a complex formulation of clarifiers that should help filter out all the matter in your pool water, leaving you a nice clear pool within 8 to 24 hours. This product will work 100% of the time, assuming your pump, filter, and main drain are working correctly. Commercial pools can use this product in advance of busy periods to prevent a cloudy pool. This product is also ideal for bromine pools that cloud up. Add this product any time the pool shows signs of turning cloudy.

If The Pool Doesn't Clear Up:

Sand Filters:

This is an indication that you need to replace the sand.

D.E. Filters:

This is an indication that you have over or under coated the elements.

Cartridge Filters:

This is an indication that you need to replace the cartridge element.

Above Ground Pools:

 Run your pump continuously until the pool clears. If you dont have a main drain in the bottom of your pool, plug your vacuum in and let the vacuum suck from the bottom of the pool

The particulates in the water need to be filtered out. Do not let anyone swim in the pool with the vacuum plugged in or if the water is too cloudy.

In-ground Residential Pools:

Run your pump continuously until the pool clears up. Make sure your main drain is working properly and the valve is open.


How To Clear Pool Water:

We recommend running your pump continuously while your pool is cloudy and try to maintain your chlorine at 3-5 PPM. You should also adjust your pH to 7.4 to 7.5. This will help clear your pool as well.


Also maintain:


 about 100 ppm

Calcium For A Pool:

200 to 400 ppm

Calcium For A Spa:

150 to 250 ppm

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS):

 If you struggle with a cloudy pool, keep the TDS Under 1500 ppm

Cyanuric Acid:

on outdoor chlorine pools only 30 to 50 ppm


-If you can see the bottom of the pool but the pool is cloudy, add 1 ounce per 10,000 gallons.

-If you cant see the bottom of the pool add 2 ounces per 10,000 gallons.

-Add 1 ounce per 20,000 gallons per week to help prevent a cloudy pool.


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