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Pool Patch White Hydraulic Cement - Excellent For Patching Pool Cracks

Hydraulic Cement, Pool Patch
Price: From $39.99 to $129.99
Manufacturer: ST Products

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ST Products stop active leaks in concrete. Hydraulic cement is a mixture of portland cement and special additives that permits underwater patching and general concrete repair work to be done instantly. Instant Cement can be used wherever a quick setting caulking or plugging material is needed.


•This is white so it will match most white pool surfaces

•Hydraulic cement expands as it cures, unlike regular cement products that shrink when they cure

•Stop acitive leaks in the pool shell

•Fill in cracks

•Excellent for mounting equipment such as pool anchors

•Paintable when cured.  Typically in a day or two, when the product is "grayed" over, not "green" or wet looking.

•Bonds with concrete better than epoxy

•Can be used to in grout lines

•Excellent for patching surfaces

•Cures in minutes

Surface Preparation:

  • Repair area must be clean and free of any paint, dust or grease.
  • Chisel V-shaped channel to allow easy application wherever possible.
  • Dampen area to be repaired.


  • Mix approximately 3 parts Instant Cement to 1 part water or until material becomes a dough-like consistency.
  • This product sets in just a couple minutes, only mix and use small portions at a time.

Tips on using this product:

  • This product is white, thus it is difficult to see after the repairs are complete.
  • Hydraulic cement sets up very fast, in just minutes.
  • Mix only small amounts that you can work with or spread out in about 1-2 minutes time.
  • Unlike regular cement based patching compounds, hydraulic cement expands. I.E. If you use this product to set an anchor, it expands, locking the anchor in place.
  • The pool can be filled shortly after working with the product.
  • Because it expands, and cures quickly, it is excellent for patching cracks in the pool.
  • Can paint over this product in a couple days once it is cured.

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