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Iron and Manganese Filter

Remove all the iron and manganese with a swimming pool iron filter. An iron filter is installed on your fill line and removes all the iron thus eliminating the need for iron removal chemicals, chelating agents and pool sequestering agents. The iron filter medial lasts about 10 years and regenerates itself when dirty.

These pool iron filters completely remove the iron from the pool or spa water. No use for chelating agents, sequestering agents, or other expensive iron removal and stain removal chemicals.

How do you know if you have iron in your pool water?

Most iron test kits won’t get a good, measurable reading for pool water. The problem is, iron can fall below the parameters of the test kit, thus the kit will show zero parts per million when tested. Pools only need a trace of iron to be problematic. The best way to determine if your pool has iron is by iron stains. If you don’t have iron stains, then you likely don’t have iron in you pool water. If you have brown stains, you can purchase our “Iron Stain Treatment” trial size. If the product reacts and removes the iron stain from the sample area, then you have iron. If the product doesn’t work right away, then you probably don’t have iron in your pool water, or iron stains.