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Liquiguard SolidStepCote 04

Price: From $29.95 to $899.75
Manufacturer: Liquiguard
Manufacturer Part No: SSC4102

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SolidStepCote 04 is our most effective non slip solution for more industrial indoor and outdoor environments.

It’s our coarsest solution—similar to 50-grit sandpaper—for environments that are more likely to encounter slip and fall accidents due to wet or slippery surfaces; caused by rain, pool water, oil or grease.

In industrial settings, a two-coat application will not chip—even with intense friction. And may be cleaned using a bristled brush.

Common indoor uses include: factories, warehouses, commercial kitchens, auto repair shops, pool decks, spas and more. And outdoor uses include, but are not limited to: stairs, pool decks, wood decks, composite decking, entryways and more.

This eco-friendly product contains extremely low VOC’s, and has no fumes or odors. It can be applied easily with a paint brush, paint roller or low pressure airless spray.

Key Benefits:
Green: Non-Toxic, Minimal VOC's, Fumes, Odors
Multi-Surface Solution
Ease of Application 
Single Component Product (No Mixing Req’d)
Highly Water Resistant
Does Not Mold or Mildew
Protects Grout Lines
Quick Drying Times
Enhanced for UV Protection (Does not yellow, crack or peel)
Does Not Harm Underlying Floor Surface
Does Not Attract Dirt
Stain Resistant
Easy To Clean

SolidStepCote may be applied by brush, roller (short nap) or low pressure airless spray. A gallon of SolidStepCote can provide protection over approximately 350 square feet depending on the nature of the surface. Stir or shake the SolidStepCote container vigorously to mix well prior to use. The targeted surface should be free of dirt, debris and oil or grease, prior to application. The coating goes on easily and dries to a clear glossy finish. One coat is usually sufficient. However if a second is desired, allow the first coat to dry thoroughly for an hour or more depending on ambient temperature. Allow 24 hours or more for full cure before subjecting the surface to heavy traffic. Do not apply at temperatures below 50°F or above 90°F. Avoid heavy buildup, puddling and overlapping.

Application Instructions Sheet PDF

Appropriately mask off areas that need to be kept free of SolidStepCote. Wipe off overruns, spills and splatters immediately with water. Thoroughly clean hands and tools after use with soap and warm water. Observe all personal precautions as you would with any other paint or coating product.

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