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Pentair - Rainbow Swimming Pool Pole Cam, Glue On #806

Price: $9.30
Item Number: RB191296


1)      -Cut old cam from inner pole. 
Debutt pole end.
-Remove or cut collar from outer pole.  Deburr and sand 1.5” down from where cut was made for best bonding of new E-Z lock pole cam.  Remove anodized only.
-Apply glue (included) with cotton swab on inside of locking collar. Apply glue on outer pole where sanded.
-Slide locking collar over pole, rotate ¼ turn, making sure it bottoms out onto pole.  Let glue set for 24 hours.
-Slide inner pole through locking nut, then slide ole on through outer pole.
-To lock E-Z cam, simply turn locking clock wise until tight.

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