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Pool Lifts

Commercial Pool and Spa Supplies handles a full line of pool lifts, from ADA pool lifts to portable pool lifts. A pool lift allows a person with a disability to enjoy a refreshing dip in a pool or a warm soak in a spa which might otherwise prove challenging for them. Handicap pool lifts vary in price, quality, ease of installation, and ease of removal. Some pool lifts are water powered and others run on batteries. Our portable pool lifts allow you to manage your commercial pool

Many commercial pools require ADA pool lifts, but the regulations are confusing. If you need to determine whether your pool needs to be outfitted with ADA pool lifts or non-ADA pool lifts, we can help. Call us at 1-877-842-4455 for assistance with ADA regulations. To comply with ADA regulations, you may need to obtain an affordable ADA pool lift without sacrificing quality. Our experts can help you choose the right pool lift for your pool. Browse our selection of portable pool lifts, ADA pool lifts, and residential pool lifts and accessories at today.

Who you purchase your ADA pool lift from can make a difference:

When you are shopping options to make your swimming area accessible to everyone, there are a few factors you should consider. Asking these questions when considering the company you’ll choose is critical for safety and reliability.

  • What if you have a problem with the pool lift, will the company help with repairs or warranty issues?
  • Although Commercial Pools has a website and sells products nationwide, we are also a service company with real people in the pool business.
  • Is the company in the pool business?
  • Why does this matter? Will your lift comply with pool codes? A pool company has a much better understanding of pool codes than non-pool companies. For example, what about set back issues? How are you going to install the unit? Most units require anchors to be installed. What if you run into a problem installing the anchor? What type of cement should you use? Do you need rebar? Do you need to ground the unit?

ADA Pool Regulations Will Require Most Public Pools To Have a Pool And Spa Lift by March 15, 2012

On September 15, 2010 new regulations were signed into law for ADA compliancy in public swimming pools. These changes must be in place by March 15, 2012. The new laws require that all pools open to the public must be equipped with assisted entry systems.

Swimming pools greater than 300 linear feet will require two means of assisted entry. An ADA compliant pool lift, or a sloped entry must be the primary means of assisted entry. The secondary means has to be one of the following; a transfer wall, transfer systems, or stairs.

For swimming pools less than 300 linear feet, only one assisted entry systems is necessary, and must be either an ADA compliant pool lift, or a sloped entry. The ADA states that for a pool lift to be compliant, it must be able to be remotely operated by a person with a disability from the deck or water level, and also has to meet the location requirements. The pool lift cannot be located in water deeper than 48 inches, with the only exceptions being; the entire pool is deeper than 48 inches, or there is another lift in the pool where the water is no deeper than 48 inches.

For wave pools, leisure rivers, and other pools with only one pool entry area, a sloped entry, pool lift, or transfer systems must be in place. Wading pools are required to have sloped entry. Spas must have at least one pool lift, transfer wall, or transfer system.

There is still a fair amount of time left to comply, but be sure to check for early-bird specials companies may be offering as an incentive to comply early.

Aqua Creek Pro Pool Lift
Commercial Pools has a full line of battery powered pool lifts that comply with the ADA Pool Lift Regulations.
Aqua Creek Ranger Pool Lift
Commercial Pools has an economical line of pool lifts for those with tight budgets trying to comply with the ADA Pool Lift Regulations. These are very good quality pool lifts.
Aqua Creek Cart for Pro Pool Lift
Commercial Pools offers a full line of parts and accessories for pool lifts including: Pool lift parts, anchors, covers, batteries, and more.
Aqua Creek Patriot Portable Pool Lift
Commercial Pools has a full line of portable pool lifts that comply with the ADA Pool Lift Regulations.
Aqua Creek EZ Pool Lift
Commercial Pools has very economical line of residential pool lifts.
Aqua Creek Revolution Pool Lift
Commercial Pool offers a full line of spa lifts and above grade lifts.
Water powered lift
Commercial Pools offers a full line of water powered pool lifts.
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sr smith, pool lift, splash, ada pool lift
SR Smith Splash! Pool Lift - ADA Compliant
Price: $5,399.00
SR Smith Splash! Pool Lift - ADA Compliant
This removable lifting system is designed for swimming facilities seeking to provide user-friendly access to their swimming pools.