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Pox-O-Fill Pool Epoxy For Pool Repairs

Pox-O-Fill Pool Epoxy, For Pool Repairs
Price: From $52.50 to $188.00
Manufacturer: Olympic

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High strength epoxy concrete patch.

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Technical Bulletins

Bulletin 134
Poxofill Epoxy Patching Compound

Bulletin 134
Poxofill Epoxy Patching Compound

POXOFILL is purely and simply a material which handles like regular putty. POXOFILL differs from putty, concrete patch, and caulking materials in many other ways.

  1. It has much greater adhesion.
  2. It is far more permanent.
  3. It will cure underwater.
  4. It may be applied underwater.
  5. It develops far more tensile strength than other types of patching materials.
  6. It secures perfect adhesion without a primer.
  7. Certain types of patching may be done where a thin layer of POXOFILL may be applied when mixed with sand or other fine aggregate without any possibility of any future loss of adhesion.
  8. It has greater resistance to acid, pool chemicals, moisture, and other conditions in swimming pools.
  9. It is the best possible material to "smooth up" rough surfaces.
  10. It may be painted after overnight curing.
  11. It creates a very strong bond.

POXOFILL is a 2-component material. The base MUST be well stirred and mixed with the catalyst. We recommend the use of an electric mixer for easier and quicker mixing. POXOFILL then develops a "putty like" consistency. It can be applied with a putty knife, molded by hand, or spackled with a spackling tool or trowel, when holes, depressions, ruts, and cracks in concrete pool surfaces are to be repaired. It is excellent for installing equipment, and is also used for repairing concrete expansion joints and broken concrete around underwater lights, drains, etc.

NOTE: When hand application is used, either wear gloves or remove POXOFILL from hands with #1109 Solvent and wash with soap and water immediately after use.

Also, use #1109 for cleaning application equipment.

POXOFILL may be used for installing equipment on concrete decks, filling spalled spots, "smoothing up" rough surfaces, repairing and replacing tile or coping, repairing cracks, filling pot holes, and depressions, and underwater repairing.

For underwater repairing from the material to fit the space to be repaired. Mold into a shape slightly larger than the space, hole, or crack. Hold it in place for 10 minutes until the initial "set" takes place. Then smooth it and scrap or cut off excess with a putty knife.

POXOFILL is available in quarts and gallons.


Pot Life:    30 minutes @ 77 F

Solvent:     #1109 - Flash point: 105 F or above

Set to touch:    2 hours @ 77 F

Time for solid cure:    Overnight

Underwater "cure" time:    Overnight

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