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Sikaflex Pool Joint Filler

Sikaflex Pool Joint Filler
Price: $128.00
Item Number: SKF0796105
SELF LEVELING JOINT FILLER This product is used to fill in the joint between the pool coping and the concrete deck. Keeping this joint filled prevents water from flowing in behind the pool wall. This is very important, especially in areas that freeze, to protect the pool wall from being pushed in. Select one of the colorants to go along with this product. Have ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS PRODUCT, CALL OUR TOLL FREE NUMBER AT 1-877-842-4455 COMMERCIAL POOL: - Commercial pool specialist. - May have the best, most knowledgeable customer service of any pool company in the nation. - We mix and blend many of out own chemicals. - We are a commercial pool service company. - We deliver bulk chemicals with our own trucks. - We send out a 168 page commercial pool maintenance supply catalog nation wide. - We have one of the largest commercial pool customer bases of any pool company in the nation.

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