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Smartmiser - Automatic Pool Water Level Controller

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Price: $349.00
Item Number: SMAWLC
Manufacturer: Poolmiser


1.1 Overview:

Your Smartmiser parts include a Transmitter which sends the radio signal to the Receiver, the Float in the Transmitter which monitors the water level, the Cap which helps control the position of the float, and the Receiver which turns on or off the water source to the pool.


1.2 The Transmitter:

The Transmitter (Figure 1) senses the water level in your pool. When an on signal is sent from the Transmitter, the Receiver turns on the water to your pool. When the water level rises approximately 1 inch, the Transmitter will send an off signal and shut off the water. The Transmitter can be opened by removing the six socket head cap screws, but

should be opened only to replace the battery which is a 3-volt lithium coin cell (CR 2032).  By carefully lifting the Transmitter cover, the circuit board will slide out of the base. Gently rotate the board to expose the top of the battery

for replacement. Then slide the board back into the base, being careful not to damage any electronic components. Normal battery life should be from 2 to 4 years under normal use.  Be sure to replace a worn battery in the Transmitter as failure to do so will cause the Smartmiser to stop working and could result in serious damage to your pool equipment. Be sure to reprogram the unit whenever the battery is replaced. (See Section 2.4) The Transmitter unit is waterproof.  Whenever the lid of the Transmitter is removed, the six screws should be reattached applying even pressure to make sure that a

completely waterproof seal is achieved.


Modifications to the Transmitter, including changes to the length of the antennae, are prohibited and will void the purchasers authority to use this device (47CFR15).

1.3 The Float:

The Float (Figure 2) contains a small magnet which activates the Transmitter unit. The Float moves up and down with the water level in your pool and moves between the off and on switches within the Transmitter. When the Float is at the bottom of the Transmitter the magnet is at the on switch. When the Float is raised one and a half inches the magnet is at the off switch.  The Float must be in the same position for six seconds to activate the on or off functions. This will eliminate activations caused by splashing in the pool. The Float will be inserted into the top of the Transmitter unit as described in Section 2.4 of the Instructions. ON OCCASION, REMOVE THE FLOAT AND CLEAN THE FLOAT CHAMBER IN THE TRANSMITTER WITH THE BRUSH PROVIDED. AREAS WITH HARD WATER MAY REQUIRE MORE REGULAR CLEANING.


1.4 The Cap:

The Cap fits in the top of the Transmitter and is essential to proper operation. It not only keeps debris out of the Float

chamber, but also controls the position of the Float in the off position.


1.5 The Receiver:

The Receiver reads the signal from the Transmitter and turns on and off the water to your pool.   As a safety feature, once an on signal is received, the Receiver automatically begins to time the filling process.  The number of flashes of the LED light indicates the length of time before the Receiver automatically shuts off the water. Four flashes is pre-set at the factory and will automatically shut off the water 2 hours after an on signal is received. Pushing the PGM switch will change the length of time on this safety shut off feature. Each quick press of the PGM switch will advance the time function as follows:

4. The signal is sent and received but Possibly a problem with the valve.  The

water does not turn on. check wiring and connections from the Receiver unit to the valve. Check the solenoid on the top of the valve and replace if necessary.

5. Water shuts off before the pool Possible that automatic shut off function is level reaches the high water set for a smaller pool. Reset the automatic indicator on the Transmitter. shut off function in the Receiver to a longer time interval per Section 1.5. For all other problems, either contact your pool installer or contact Poolmiser directly and speak to one of our technicians.


1.6 Miscellaneous Parts:

Your Smartmiser package also contains a standard 24-volt UL rated Interior Use Transformer, mounting screws, extra velcro, 30 of 2 conductor wire, cleaning brush, alcohol pad, sand paper and 2 wire nuts.




2.1 Mounting and Connecting the Receiver:

The Receiver unit is not waterproof, but it is weatherproof and can be installed outside.  Depending on obstructions between the units, the Receiver is designed to Receive a radio transmission up to 50 feet from the Transmitter. However, because this is a low voltage system, the receiver can be wired to its power and water source at any distance convenient for

the installer. As the most common installation location for the Transmitter is in the pool skimmer, (See Section 2.3) you will get optimum performance from the Smartmiser if the Receiver is located within 50 feet of your skimmer. Higher placement of the Receiver will improve reception at greater distances.  Remove the cover of the Receiver. Using the attachment screws provided, mount the Receiver on to a flat surface using the two openings on the top and bottom of the Receiver. Bend the dipole antennae down towards the ground.  We recommend that you use a weather protected 110-

volt GFI outlet for the Transformer. Using a portion of the 30 feet of 2 conductor wire provided, attach 2 wires to the

connections on the Transformer and attach those 2 wires to the terminals on the Receiver marked 24 VAC as shown

in Figure 5. Plug in the Transformer. Press the wires into the wire slots in the Receiver.  The LED light on the Receiver

will flash in a series of 4 short bursts which means the Receiver will automatically shut off the water to the pool

after 2 hours. See Section 1.5 for more details.  The LED light is also an on/off indicator. When the transmitter sends either an on or off signal (See Section 2.3) the LED will go on for 2-3 seconds indicating

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