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Technical Pool Solutions Professional Sand Filter Cleaner

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Price: From $55.99 to $179.00
Manufacturer: Technical Pool Solutions

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Keep your swimming pool filter clean with our Professional Sand Filter Cleaner.  In almost all cases sand can be cleaned, even large school and municipal pool filters!


Professional Sand Filter Cleaner will optimize your filtration by enabling all of the sand in the filter to work by eliminating channeling and contaminants that block and impede the sand from filtering.


Problems with dirty filter:

            •Little or no filtration so the pool can cloud easily

            •Increased risk of pseudomonas and other recreational water illnesses

            •Increased risk of cryptosporidium problems with you pool

            •Dirty sand is full of bacteria which can lead to recreational water illnesses

            •High combined chlorine problems

            •High levels of disinfection byproducts

            •Can lead to high levels of trihalomethane (chloroform)

                     *Trihalomethane will impede lap swimmers performance

Why eliminate channelling in your sand filter?

Channeling is what happens when the sand in a filter becomes filled with grime and scale. This grime and scale makes the sand clump together, and create “channels” that the water can flow through without passing through the sand. When channeling occurs, minimal amounts of contaminants are removed. For a sand filter cleaner to remain effective, the sand needs to be maintained on a regular basis with the proper chemicals. 


Professional Sand Filter Cleaner Benefits:

•Better filtration and reduced channeling

•Sand needs to be changed less often or in most cases the sand can be cleaned.

•Can be used to clean D.E. filter grids.

•Cleaner, safer, clearer water.


How and Why This Product Works:  

This cleaner does an excellent job removing scale attached to the granules of sand, oils, biomass and other contaminants collected in the media. 


Laboratory test on amount of scale on different surfaces:

          New sand                         2.9% scale

          Used pool filter sand       5-30% scale buildup

          After using our product   Less than 1% scale



When should you clean the sand?

-All pools should clean the sand at least once per year.

-Competitive swim pools should clean prior to swim season.  This will reduce combined chlorine, trihalomethane that impedes swimmers performance, and disinfection byproducts.

-If you shocked the pool up to 10 PPM or higher and the pool didn’t clear up.

-The pool clouds easily or has a hard time staying clear.

-Prior to winterizing the pool.

-Commercial spas and hot tubs about once every 3 months.



Cleaning Sand Filters:


1.) Drain the water out of the filter.

2.) Add 1 gallon of sand cleaner per 300 pounds of media before filling the tank. 

3.) For a deep clean add 1 gallon of muriatic acid per 300 pounds of media while the tank is being filled. 

4.) Fill the water level in the tank 1" over the top of the sand.

5.) Leave the cover off the filter so pressure does not build up in the tank. 

6.) For a deep clean and to remove scale, biofilm, oils, contamination, etc., let the solution soak for 12-24 hours. 

7. Backwash for a minimum 10-15 minutes, or until there is no foam in the backwash solution going down the drain. 


Quick Clean:

1.) Slowly pour 8-16 ounces of sand cleaner into the skimmer while backwashing

2.) Backwash at least 5 minutes, or until the water going down the backwash drain is no longer foaming and the water looks clean and clear. 




Over fill pool so you can have plenty of time to backwash.  Backwash for a minimum of 15 minutes.  Keep backwashing if you see foaming or soil in the backwash line.



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