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Technical Pool Solutions Swim Rx 1 Gallon

Price: $49.99
Item Number: TPSSRXG
Manufacturer: Technical Pool Solutions
Manufacturer Part No: TPSSRXG


Swim Rx is designed to fix the problem by removing the contaminants that cause combined chlorine, tile line scum, pool surface stains and contaminants in your filter.

Reduce and/or eliminate: organic combined chlorine, inorganic combined chlorine, tile line scum, disinfection byproducts, trihalomethane (chloroform), trichloramines.  Helps keep you water crystal clear and safer for swimmers with less contaminants and foul odors.

Use this product daily until combined chlorine levels are at an acceptable range. Once the combined chlorine is under control, add a weekly maintenance dose 1 ounce per 2,000 gallons.

There has been plenty of research done on chlorine disinfection byproducts (DBP’s). They occur when chlorine bonds with an organic or inorganic compound attempting to sanitize it. Some of these DBP’s such as, trichloramines and trihalomethanes, have been shown to be detrimental to your health.


•Competitive swimmers should experience improved swim times because they should be able to train harder in cleaner, healthier water

•Excellent product for pools that have full time employees, or lifeguard’s and swim coaches who spend a great deal of time working in the area.  You will be swimming in, and breathing in, healthier air.

•Cleans the scum ring off of your tile line

•Cleans stains off the surfaces of the pool

•Helps clean your filter for better filtration and clearer pool water

•Reduces chlorine odors

•Safer healthier water

          -Reduced combined chlorine

          -Fewer odors

          -Reduced or eliminated trichloramines, trihalomethane (chloroform)

          -Reduced chance of developing asthma


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